Krazzy Tabbar

DIRECTED BY AjayChandhok
STARCAST Harish Verma, Yograj Singh, Priyanka Mehta, Jaswinder Bhalla & Others.
MUSIC BY Gurcharan Singh & MD Bablu Kumar


The Krazzy Tabbar is the Krazzy story of Bittu and his Krazzy family. Bittu a Jatt Sikh, falls in love with Saumya, a well educated girl from a rich Hindu family, who study together in college. They manage to convince their parents to meet and talk about their wedding and the Krazzy ride of the madness begins. The families are poles apart. Every time Saumya’s family almost agrees to the wedding, Bittu’s family unknowingly ruins the situation in a hilarious way. Due to the vast differences between their culture, their lifestyles and thoughts, Saumya’s family refuses to tie the knot with Bittu.

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