PRODUCED BY William Hunt
MUSIC Nishad Vaidya
STARCAST Reena Kapoor, Asif, Manisha, Prashant Jaiswal, Captain Sonali, Dimple, Nirav, Bindu etc


Life line is not a simple world for poor people especially for poor girls who are easily turned into flesh trade business through the agents spread all around society in all forms. The dangerous form is of a husband who marries such so called helpless girls and put them into prostitution and desert them once they are deep into this dirty world of skin trade. But Anjali was not one of those poor girls who took the thing lying low. Anjali leaves her home town in Mumbai to meet her friend Kavita to support her old & sick parents & younger brother but she is supplied as CHETNA to customers through Kavita�s mother. To save herself from shame she marries a boy from her village who even tries to put her into prostitution and the CHETNA revolts. To see the ways & means of revolution CHETNA adopted, see CHETNA���..

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